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Mexican jokes, mexican jokes, and more mexican jokes.

Ever want to say something insulting to a Mexican, but they don't speak english? Well, you came to the right place. Just use one of these insults!

Mexican Insults

Tu eres muy feo.

You are very ugly
Pronunciation: To air-ace moo-ee fay-o


Tu eres muy gordo.

You are very fat.
Pronunciation: To air-ace moo-ee gor-do


Vuelves a mexico, por favor.

Go back to Mexico, please.
Pronunciation: (no idea on how to pronouce that) a (like at the doctor's office) Meh-he-co, poor fav-or


¿Dónde está su cortacésped?

Where is your lawn mower?
Pronunciation: Don-day es-sta sue court-ah-say-sped